#414 Frosted Lime Hemp Preroll


Frosted Lime Hemp preroll cone contains 1 gram of our high potency flower enclosed in a childproof pop top container and wrapped in a 100% Organic hemp cone.
Frosted Lime is an early finishing strain, with classic myrcene dominant terpene profile.
Research indicates that beta-mycrene creates an immediate change in the human body upon introduction. Benefits can include anti-inflammatory changes, pain relief, and the ability to maximize one’s immune system. It can also be used as a robust sedative to ease the nerves.
This flower has been processed to be the highest end flower on the market from bag appeal, smell, to potency. Each flower product will be packaged in a smell proof Mylar bag.
Total Potency: 24.35%
Price: $3.95 – $29.95
  1 PreRoll Cone- $3.95
  5 PreRoll Cones- $18.95
10 PreRoll Cones- $29.95

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