Ginseng American and Asian

Ginseng  is comprised of rich nutrients, like amino acids (particularly essential amino acids), and several minerals, like calcium, aluminium, iron, zinc, cooper, magnesium, etc. It is also rich in vitamins B complex, C and E, ginsenosides, triterpenoids and several other nutrients essential for our body. The ginsenosides present in ginseng highly contribute to the therapeutic effects of the plant. Ginseng root has been used since ages to treat loss of strength and sterility, enhance the immune system, blood disorders, and age- and stress-related problems. There are many widely known Ginseng uses as Ginseng benefits the health in numerous ways.

  • Support Vitality and Overall well being
  • Support mental alertness, concentration and sharp mind
  • Enhance physical stamina and improves athletic performance
  • Stimulates Physical Health
  • Relieves Stress
  • Delays Aging
  • Ginseng Benefits for Men
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Ensures Healthy Digestion
Ginseng Root Powder – Panax(1 Ounce) Price:$14.05
Ginseng Root Powder – Panax(1 Ounce) Price:$28.00
Ginseng Root Powder, USA(1 Ounce) Price:$19.55
Ginseng Root Powder, USA(1 Ounce) Price:$38.50
Ginseng Root Whole – USA(1 Ounce) Price:$23.10

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