L Tetrahydropalmatine Powder

L-Tetrahydropalmatine or L-THP is a tetrahydroprotoberberine isoquinoline alkaloid that is known to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes cardiovascular health, improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety.

Tetrahydropalmatine (THP) is an isoquinoline alkaloid found in several different plant species, mainly in the genus Corydalis (Yan Hu Suo), but also in other plants such as Stephania rotunda. L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) is the synthetically produced potent enantiomer and has been marketed worldwide as an anxiolytic, sedative, analgesic and relaxant. Preliminary human studies also show its potential in controlling addiction to both cocaine and opiates as it has generated promising results.


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