Mugwort Herb Whole

Mugwort is used to flavour dishes of eel and carp and in stuffing for duck, geese, pork and mutton. In china and Japan Mugwort is used to colour and flavour rice cakes.

Mugwort is also used for anorexia, depression with a lack of appetite, indigestion, round worms and threadworms, colic and nervous dyspepsia.

It is useful to help bring on menstruation and to ease menstrual pain.

Mugwort is externally used as a wash for fungal infections. In Chinese medicine, ‘moza’ the compressed dried leaf is burned over acupuncture points.

Parts Used

Aerial parts in flower


Emmenagogue, appetite stimulant, bitter, choleretic, stomachic, anthelmintic


Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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