#187 Hirsuta

If you’re looking for kratom alternatives, you really can’t miss Hirsuta. What is hirsuta? This tree is in the same genus and family as kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, in the coffee or Rubiaceae family) and the leaf is even known on the street as “kra thum khok.” The leaves are green with light-greenish white veins, and while they are somewhat smaller than kratom leaves, they have a similar structural appearance.

Growing natively in the jungles of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia, Mitragyna hirsuta has become popular in places like Thailand where kratom has been illegal since 1943. It has similar effects to kratom with gentle stimulation at low doses and sedative effects at high doses.

(1 Ounce) Price: $13.00
(4 Ounce) Price: $46.00
(8 Ounce) Price: $85.00


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